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The Arctic Refuge and its Coastal Plain


* Anchorage Daily News - ANWR
* Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
* ANWR News - Blogspot
* Blog for ANWR - Arctic Power
* Alaska Town Split Over Drilling in Wildlife Refuge - Washington Post [April 23, 2005]
* Bush Pushes Energy Plan - FOX News [March 9, 2005]
* ANWR Development News - Charles Hamel
* Native Experience: The Impact of Oil & Nineral Development in the Indigenous People of Arctic Alaska - Channel 6, Television Denmark
* Inupiat Eskimo Question Religious Opposition to ANWR Development - NAIIP News Path
* Some Facts Clear in the War of Spin over Arctic Refuge - Michael Grunwald, Washington Post [March 6, 2002],
* Oil Field or Sanctuary? - National Geographic Magazine [August, 2001]
* Alaska Drilling Debate Heats Up - Wired News [September 21, 2001}

Note: Additional historical and contemporary media presentations on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will be added on a regular basis.

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