Dorothy K. Jones

Dorothy Knee Jones

A Century of Servitude: Pribilof Aleuts Under U.S. Rule has been adapted for Arctic Circle from a book published by the University Press of America in 1980. Permission to utilize this material has been granted by the author and is in keeping with the author's copyright arrangement with the publisher.

At the time the book was written, Dorothy Jones was a professor of sociology at the Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska. Her knowledge of the Aleuts on both the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands is largely drawn from a ten year residency in the Aleutian Chain.

Other publications by the author include Aleuts in Transition, (University of Washington Press, 1976) and The Status of Women in Alaska, (Principal author, Alaska State Commission on Human Rights, 1977).

A multi-genre writer of academic and fictional works, Dorothy Jones presently resides in the state of Washington. Viewers seeking further information about Dorothy Jones - including some of her most recent writing - are encouraged to visit her web site at