Norman Chance

Over the past four decades, I have engaged in several long-term research projects in the North. Much of this has taken place in Alaska - and to a lesser extent, in northern Quebec among the Cree. Shorter periods of research have also taken me to northern Scandinavia, northern China, and northwest Siberia.

A cultural and environmental anthropologist, I received my graduate training at the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell. After ten years of teaching in Oklahoma and at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, I joined the University of Connecticut as head of their new Department of Anthropology. In the early 1990s, I also served as as a Research Fellow in the Environmental Studies Program and Senior Fellow in the Institute of Arctic Studies at Dartmouth College. At the moment, with continuing assistance from northern-oriented researchers and the 'Spirit Team' at the University of Connecticut's Homer Babbidge Library, I am convener of the Arctic Circle World Wide Web site.

Most of my writing has focused on the impact of large scale natural resource development on northern peoples and their environment. Included in these publications are two books published by Harcourt Brace, The Eskimo of North Alaska (1966) and The Inupiat and Arctic Alaska: An Ethnography of Development (1990), as well as several ethnographic monographs and numerous articles. Some of the textual and visual materials utilized in the presentations that follow are adapted from these publications, the most important of which is the 1990 volume on Arctic Alaska.

Interests outside of academia include music and flying. Early musical studies at the Eastman School of Music and Oberlin Conservatory led to a decade-long involvement as jazz drummer and band leader; while washing planes for flying lessons culminated in a long term commitment to the joys and adventure of flight. Highlights of these flights include exploring the mountains, river valleys, and wilderness areas of Canada and Alaska with my anthropologist-pilot wife, Nancy Fogel-Chance.