Additional Resources on the Circumpolar North

Alaska Climate Research Center
Alaska Native Science Commission
Arctic Centre - Finland
Arctic Ecosystems - UN Atlas of the Oceans -
Arctic Long Term Ecological Research Site
Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme
Arctic Region Supercomputing Center - University of Alaska
Arctic Research Consortium of the United States [ARCUS]
Arctic System Science Data Coordination Center - ARCSS
Aurora Page
Arctic Theme Page - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Barrow Science Consortium
Byrd Polar Research Center - Ohio State University
Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna - CAFF
Canadian Polar Commission
Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
International Arctic Research Center - University of Alaska
International Arctic Science Committee
International Arctic Social Science Association
International Congress on Circumpolar Health
International Northern Sea Route Programme
Institute of Arctic Biology - University of Alaska
National Institute of Polar Research - Japan
National Science Foundation - United States
NORUT Group [Norwegian Research Group - Tromso/Narvik]
Polar Research Board - U.S. National Academy of Sciences
Polar Gopher
Polar Science Center - University of Washington
Polar Geography
Roald Amundsen Centre for Arctic Research
Russian Academy of Sciences
Tundra Ecosystem Analysis & Mapping Laboratory
United Nations Environmental Programme - Arctic - UNDP

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