Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act

Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act of 1971

*Alaska Natives and the Land Claims Settlement Act of 1971 - Norman Chance
*Revisiting the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act - 1971-2001 [The 30th Anniversary of ANCSA] - Alaskool
*Alaska NAives and the "New Harpoon" - Economic Performance of the ANCASA Regional Corporation [pdf file] - Steve Colt [2001]
*Postscript: Leaders Need to Acknowledge Complexities Created by ANCSA - Gary Moore, Tanana Chiefs Conference [1997]
*Letters to Howard: An Interpretation of the Alaska Native Land Claims - Fred Bigjim and James Ito-Adler
*Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act - Resource Center
*Village Journey: The Report of the Alaska Native Review Commission - Thomas R. Berger
*Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act: History and Analysis - Richard Jones
*ANLCSA: Caught in the Act - A Teacher's Guide - Alaska Native Knowledge Network
*ANCSA Teacher's Guide - Alaska Native Studies Curriculum & Teacher Development
*ANCSA-Related Side Effects [1983] - Kornelia Grabinska, Tanana Chiefs Conference
*Tundra Times [Newspaper] - Selected articles on ANCSA, 1961-71
*"We Own the Land" [Statement to the AFN Board of Directors, October, 1971] - William L. Paul, Sr

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