A Forum on the Environmental Impact of Military Weapons
in the Circumpolar North

Environmental hazards plaguing the Arctic encompass a long list of urgent issues. Included among them are continuing degradations stemming from storage leaks of toxic materials; radioactive fallout from atomic testing; the dumping of nuclear wastes into the Arctic Ocean; the use of human subjects for scientific experimentation; and other destructive practices engaged in by governments and military agencies, past and present. This forum offers an opportunity for those affected by such hazards to raise these issues here. Each statement addresses vital concerns about the conduct of public policy as it relates to environmental health and safety. Each statement also poses the underlying question: How can these problems be corrected and redressed? If you have an experience to share; a criticism to make; or a recommendation to add to this forum, you are welcome to contact Arctic Circle at any time.

Norman Chance, Convener

* A Village of Widows: Deline, North West Territories, Canada - Cindy Kenny-Gilday

* Echoes of the Atomic Age: Cancer kills fourteen aboriginal uranium workers - Andrew Kiniforuk

* Canada and Deline Agree to Work Together to Address Concerns about the Former Uranium Site - Indian & Northern Affairs

* "I no longer understand the tundra that has loved me" - Lidia Okotetto [a Nenets from NE Siberia]


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