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Introduction - Norman Chance

National Missile Defense - The Arctic Dimension - Arctic Circle


The Dragon Goes North: Chemical and Biological Warfare Testing in Alaska [1972] - Richard A. Fineberg,

Department of Defense Fact Sheets on 27 open-air Chemical and Biological Warfare Tests [Project 112] -- includes 12 tests at Fort Greely - Department of Defense [October 9, 2002]

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Ballistic Missile Defense System - An Overview - Missile Defense Agency, Department of Defense [July, 2006]

Missile Defense Agency Emplaces First Interceptor at Fort Greely - Missile Defense Agency, Department of Defense [pdf file, July 22, 2004]

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A Sampling of Explosive Residues at Fort Greely, Alaska {PDF file] - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers [November, 2001]

Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation

DefenseLINK Search capability for Fort Greely - Office of Asst. Sec. of Defense

New Acquisition Procedures for Missile Defense - Heritage Foundation [February 4, 2004]


U.S. Missile Defence Test Flounders Again - New Scientist [February 15, 2005]

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

No Nukes North

CODE - Citizens Opposed to Defense Experimentation

The Value of Fort Greely to the Intercept Test Program & a Block 2004 Contingency Defense, & the Use of Classification to Prevent Public Scrutiny - Union of Concerned Scientists [June 11, 2002]

Revelations of Secret Missile Launch Proves Public Review Is Essential - Stephen Conn, January, 2002

Folly in Alaska - Stephen Young, Union of Concerned Scientists [December, 2001]

Kodiak: Launchpad for Strategic Missile Defense - Rosalie Bertell

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Star Wars 2: The Empire Strikes Out Again - Alaska Action Center

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Gerstle River Test Site & ELK Hunt Gas Testing - 15th Field Artillery Association [December 2, 2002]

The Role of National Missile Defense in the Environmental History of Alaska - Stacey Fritz

Fort Greely: Critical Cleanup Target - Alaska Community Action on Toxics

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U.S. Missile Defense Set to Get Early Start - Washington Post - February 2, 2004]

New Breed of Missile Silos Put in Alaska - Washington Post Bradley Graham [May 27, 2003]

Missile Defense in Alaska - Commentaries by Dan O'Neill, Columnist, - Posted by No Nukes North

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