May 31, 1968.


I have the honor to refer to the recent discussions between our two Governments regarding the request of your Government, made on February 26, 1968, that the U.S. and Denmark agree to supplement the Agreement of April 27, 1951, on the Defense of Greenland with respect to the storage of U.S. nuclear weapons in Greenland and the overflight of Greenland by U.S. aircraft carrying nuclear weapons.

As a result of these discussions, I have the honor to propose the following agreement:

The United States Government assures the Government of Denmark that in the exercise of its rights and duties in accordance with the provisions of the agreement of April 27, 1951, concerning the defense of Greenland it will not store nuclear weapons in Greenland or overfly Greenland with aircraft carrying nuclear weapons without the consent of the Government of Denmark.

If the foregoing proposal is acceptable to your Government, I have the honor to propose that this note and your reply to that effect shall constitute and agreement between our two Governments, effective on the date of your reply, which shall form an integral part of the Agreement of April 27, 1951.

Accept, Excellency, the renewed assurances of my highest consideration.

For the Secretary of State

[signed John M. Leddy]


(Source: Letter, John M. Leddy, U.S. Department of State, to Torben Ronne, Danish Ambassador to the United States, [no subject], May 31, 1968. SECRET.