Fugitive Dust Background Document - Draft Report

State of Alaska - Department of Environmental Conservation

May 17, 2002

This draft background statement by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation addresses fugitive dust and hazardous substances released into the air from the transportation, handling, and storage of ore concentrate along the road leading from Red Dog Mine to deep sea vessels off the coast. The 111 page draft report contains - Part A: An Introduction and Local Observations and Concerns; Part B: Local and Regional Information; Red Dog Operations; Regulatory History; Historical and Current Environmental Data; Background Information on Fugitive Dust; Nature and Extent of Fugitive Dust; Preliminary Conceptual Site Model; and Part C: Regulatory Framework; Identification of Data Gaps; and Decision-Making Framework.

Norman Chance, Convener

Executive Summary [13 pages, pdf file]
* Draft Report [111 pages, pdf file]
* Map and Figures [39 pages, pdf file]
* Tables [11 pages, pdf file]