Contamination at Red Dog Mine, Alaska

Contamination at Red Dog Mine, Alaska


Heavy metal contamination is a serious problem in several areas of the world. Central and Eastern Europe quickly come to mind as does western Russia. According to a recent report by the U.S. National Park Service, the most serious heavy-metal contamination is found along the Red Dog haul road near the Iñupiaq village of Kivalina in northwest Alaska. This is not the first expression of concern by the people in the region. But it is certainly the most ominous.

What follows is a brief Executive Summary of the NPS research followed by the complete 78 page report [PDF format]. Also included is a resolution of the Kivalina  IRA Council and several articles reporting on the study by the Anchorage Daily News. If viewers have additional information to offer, we will be glad to add it to this presentation.

Norman Chance, Convener

* Beluga Migration Disputed - Tom Kiazza, Anchorage Daily News [May 20, 2005]

* Contaminated Sites Program - Alaska Dept of Environmental Conservation [June 18,2003]

* Acceptance of Cooperating Status - Delong Mountain Terminal EIS - Kivalina IRA Council letter to U.S. Army Engineer District, Alaska, [August 8, 2002]

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* Fugitive Dust Background Document - Draft Report - Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation [May 17, 2002]

* Alaska Natives and Environmentalists Battle Injustice at Red Dog - Michael O'Brien [November 13, 2001]

* Kivalina IRA Council Resolution - [June 22, 2001]

* Newly Released Information Reveals Toxic Lead and Zinc Contamination at Red Dog Mine's Port Site - Alaska Community Action on Toxics [September 26, 2001]
* Executive Summary of National Park Service Report [May, 2001]

* Photographs - by Colleen E. Koenig

City of Kivalina - Location and Description - Maniilaq Association

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