Cannikin Atomic Test at Amchitka Island, Alaska - The Untold Story

Introduction - Norman Chance

Scientists fear Amchitka Island Radiation Leak: DANGER: Tectonic forces may be opening new faults at Cannikin atomic testing site - David Perlman, San Francisco Chronicle/Anchorage Daily News, December 23, 2001

Blast from the Past: Researchers Worry that Radiation from Nuclear Test Decades Ago May be Damaging Marine Life Today David Perlman, San Francisco Chronicle, December 17, 2001

Who's eligible for program to compensate job-sickened nuclear workers - Associated Press, April 27, 2001

Compensation begins for workers sickened at nuclear weapons plants - Associated Press, July 27, 2001

Nuclear Flashback: Report of a Greenpeace Scientific Expedition to Amchitka Island, Alaska - Site of the Largest Underground Nuclear Test in U.S. History [pdf file] - Pam Miller, Greenpeace USA. [October 30, 1996]