The Military in the Arctic

The Arctic's Military Legacy

* Project Chariot: The Nuclear Legacy of Cape Thompson, Alaska - Norman Chance

* Cannikin Nuclear Test at Amchitka Island - The Untold Story

* The Dragon Goes North: Chemical and Biological Warfare in Alaska [1972] - Richard A. Fineberg

* Fort Greely, Alaska, and National Missile Defense

* Classified Military Research at the University of Alaska, Fairanks - NoNukesNorth

* US and Russia Release Arctic Data from Cold War Days Space Daily

* Military Activity and Environmental Security: The Case of Radioactivity in the Arctic - CARC

* Innu Nation Launches Court Challenge to Military Plans for Supersonic Test Flights Over Innu Lands - Indigenous Environmental Network

* The Last Front of the Cold War - Atlantic Monthly

* Military Related Toxic Sites in Alaska - Alaska Community Action on Toxics

* Military in Alaska - SLED [Alaska Statewide Library Electronic Doorway]

* Forum on the Environmental Impact of the Military in the Circumpolar North

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