Project Chariot: Assignment

Project Chariot: Assignment - Part I

Utilizing written and world wide web materials taken from Arctic Circle's Additional References and elsewhere, organize your data in a creative format you think will be particularly effective for revie w by others at your location. You may choose a poster display; a short article for a class, newspaper or journal; or perhaps a radio or community TV report.

This assignment entails a well thought out strategy on your part in which you determine the key issues you wish to highlight in your Introduction.This should be followed by a more detailed Presentation in which you offer readers or viewers data you have selected from the pertinent agencies, organizations, and individuals illustrating their reasons for supporting or opposing Project Chariot. In your Conclusion, you are encouraged to offer your own analysis of the Project - including reasons for its rise and fall.

Note: Part Two of this case study will address recent developments associated with Project Chariot, including:

(a) the impact of a 1992 investigation of contaminated radioactive soil left at the Chariot site thirty years previously; and secondarily,

(b) allegations that without their knowledge, the Inupiat and other Alaskan Natives were involved in "nuclear experiments" [in the 1950s] as part of a U. S. military research project to determine whether soldiers "could be better condtioned to fight i n cold conditions."

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