Several years later, Howard Rock, a Point Hope Inupiat resident and editor of the newly published Native newspaper, Tundra Times, described how the people were offered material enticements if they were willing to support the Project: "Since 1958 there were attempts to lull us, the people of Noatak, Kivalina, and Point Hope. We were wheedled with rewards of acclaim from science and the peoples of the world if we would agree to go along with Project Chariot. Model housing programs were dangled bef ore our eyes if we would move for a year into a newly-built housing center, either at Nome or Kotzebue. After a year we would be moved back, not to our home villages, but to a "combined spanking new housing center close to the exploded and alleged harbor area."

"Editorial, " Tundra Times, November 1, 1962.