Our Virtual Classroom

In putting together our Virtual Classroom, the ArcticCircle design team has tried to keep in mind two basic principles: First, the need to present existing knowledge about the North in as creative a manner as possible; and second, to encourage a critical perspective that enhances the development of new knowledge. Computers accessing the Internet and World Wide Web can be valuable assistants in undertaking the first task. However, even here the presentation of a large array of data can quickly lead to factual overload, followed by a loss of one's sense of inquiry. Unmanageable volume also diminishes quality.

One potential strength of a virtual classroom is that it can serve as a filter assisting viewers by pointing to items of substance while bypassing the superficial. Still, it should be remembered that virtual classrooms, like physical ones in schools and universities, are never neutral territory. Their subject matter always reflects the particular views and perspectives of the authors.