Edward Weyer

The Weyer data-base takes its name from Edward Moffat ("Buddy") Weyer (1904-1998). After getting a Yale PhD in anthropology, his first publication on the arctic came out in 1929; next, a broad survey in 1930, and the publication of a book on Eskimos in 1932 which was republished in 1962. A prolific writer, he also served twice as president of the Explorers' Club (and was later awarded its Gold Medal). Following his retirement, he began an extensive cataloguing of books and articles on the Arctic which continued almost daily for decades.

In the early 1990s the project came to an abrupt halt following a tragic loss of computerized data. After several failures, the project was finally brought back to life by Robert De Bord and William K. Sacco, New Haven-based computer experts. In 1997, at age 93, Dr. Weyer again put his energies into the data-base. However, his wife's death and the effects of age slowed him down. He died a year later in 1998. At that time, assisted by Mr. De Bord, I sought a home for the data-base where it would be put to its intended use. The search was concluded when the Arctic Circle world wide web site at the University of Connecticut agreed to host it...a happy ending to an immense effort by Edward Moffat Weyer, his friends and associates.

Ramsay MacMullen, Emeritus Professor of History, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut